Frequently asked boarding questions

Do the dogs sleep undercover?

Yes, all our runs have a completely insulated room, that is both dry and warm for your dogs to sleep and relax in. Each room has raised beds, so your dog can sleep in absolute peace. Every run has a shaded area, either by shade cloth, or by the shade created from trees. 

Do cats sleep undercover?

Yes, all our cats stay in a completely enclosed area, with access to an enclosed garden. Cats are a lot more agile than dogs, so each run is completely fenced off and covered for their safety.

Do we board cats together

We have specialised facilities to board families of cats together, however, no cat family (even if it's just one cat) is ever in the same run as another.

How do your seasons work?

We have broken up every year in four seasons. A summer season, easter season, mid-year season, and a festive season.

The brackets for each season is as follows:

  • Summer season: 15 January - 31 March
  • Easter season: 15 March - 30 April
  • Mid-year season: 25 April - 30 November
  • Festive season: 15 November - 15 January

Our seasons overlap slightly, as to ensure that you can easily book the full stay in one go. We advise you to select a season that contains your pet's entire stay duration. If fore some reason you can't, please feel free to contact our head office to make a manual booking

Will my pet be supervised during feeding times?

Yes, each run is fed separately, so that all pets can be monitored carefully during feeding times. This also ensures that pet's on special diets eat only the food they are meant to eat. 

In the dog runs, we also ensure that no dog goes without food in the social runs.

Do I need to bring bowls?

No, we provide each and every pet with their own bowl when they arrive. We also have automatically refilling bowls of water in each run, so your pets never go without water.

Do I need to leave my pet's bed?

bringing your pet's bed along, is at your sole discretion. We provide comfy beds for all pets staying with us. Please do note that if you bring your dog's bed with, there is a high probability that the bed will get chewed, as your dog sleeps with other dogs, and this can not be monitored.

Does my pet need to be microchiped?

Preferably yes, this allows us to better identify your pet in the runs, and in the unlikely event that your pet becomes an escape artist, they can be easily located with all your contact information. If your pet is not microchipped, please let our head office know, so that we can make a special note about it.

What happens if my dog gets ill?

We take every measure possible (including the spraying of 99.9% of germs based on the SANONDAF regulations), to ensure that your pet does not get ill. Nothing is guaranteed though, so if your pet get's ill, we will contact you, or your emergency contact as soon as possible to make an arrangement for your pet to visit the vet. We will keep in touch and let you know what the vet's verdict is, as well as medications required. 

The vet visit, as well as the required medications will be invoiced to you.

Can I bring my pet if it is sick, or has recently been sick?

Depending on what kind of illness your pet has. Please make sure you contact our head office prior to your pet's stay with us, to find out if they can come through, and if there are any updates to medications to keep your pet's health up.