We provide all day supervised play time in our spacious indoor / outdoor dog play areas seven days a week!


With our incredible team of handlers, you can be rest assured that your dog will be in the best hands. We have dogs of similar sizes in runs together where they play together. During their day, our trainers are with the dogs and they get one-on-one training for about 20mins each. They get taken for walks and, with their owner’s permission, they also get to swim or have a swimming lesson in our aqua pool.

Our daycare system works on a voucher based system, and are bundled in sets of 8 (eight). The more days that get purchased at a time, the cheaper the per day rate becomes. Once you have purchased the voucher, you will receive an email with confirmation. Please print (or email) the confirmation to us, so that we can issue your vouchers. Vouchers must be collected at 33 Devonshire Ave, Bryanston, Sandton.

  • All our trainers use positive reinforcement. No punishment is allowed.
  • We have two venues, one at Sangster Rd, Magaliessig and one at Bryanston Drive.
  • You are most welcome to come and see us during office hours on weekdays.

Drop off times

Daily drop off for dogs Monday – Friday 6:45am – 6:00pm and Weekends 8:00am – 5:00pm. We are closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday , 25th December, 26th December and New Years Day.


Daycare rules & requirements

Dogs are required to be fully vaccinated, socialised and neutered (if over 6 months of age) During the day dogs get to socialise with other dogs of similar temperament and size.

They  get to play in our adventure play ground as well as the dam is plenty of fun on a warm summers day.  There is also positive reinforcement training done with each dog. Training keep the dogs mind active and working, to prevent boredom. The Runs are kitted out with a paddling pools in summer to keep the dogs cool, as well as an automatic water filling bowl, ensuring fresh water at all time.